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You may be coming to therapy for the first time, returning after a long absence, suffering from a difficult life event, or feeling a lack of joy in your day-to-day life. You may feel lonely, frustrated, complacent or just wonder if life can be better. I believe that therapy can have profound effects in living your life more fully. I am here to meet you where you are at now - ready to listen, free of judgment.



I practice a relational model of therapy that is rooted in the belief that emotional distress is often caused in your closest relationships, both past and present.

I offer you a space where you can feel whatever you are feeling and express what is difficult to say. I listen closely to your story and together we explore the meaning you make of it. I support you through life transitions and change. There is no problem too big or too small to bring.

We explore your patterns of thoughts and feelings and how they affect your relationships and your sense of self. We look at what long-standing strategies and behavioural patterns you have formed and whether they are still serving you.

This interactive process can be reparative by helping you build new self-understandings and perspectives, contributing to feeling more connected in your relationships and giving you a greater sense of well-being in your life.

My approach is nurturing and nonjudgmental. I operate from a feminist, anti-oppressive, LGBTQ*-affirmative framework. Everyone is welcome.


About Me

Photos by Connie Tsang

Photos by Connie Tsang


I am a student at The Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy (TIRP), a rigorous psychotherapy training program accredited by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Under the guidance of experienced psychotherapists and faculty I am supervised off-site about my clinical work. I am a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT).

I am a drummer who enjoys creative collaboration. A native to Halifax, I have a BFA in visual art from NSCAD University and an MFA in studio art from the University of British Columbia, where I taught visual art.

My interest in therapy developed in my teenage years with personal therapy helping me through difficult stages of life. My approach is influenced by working in music education with marginalized communities at a non-profit charity in Toronto for over a decade.


Sessions & Rates

My rate is $70 (tax included) per session. The first session is only $40 and is a chance to see if we’re a good fit. Sessions are 50 minutes. At the beginning of working together I recommend committing either to weekly or bi-weekly appointments.

Fees are payable by cash, cheque or e-transfer by the end of each session. If you have extended health benefits please inquire with your insurance company as psychotherapy services may be covered.

A minimum 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel appointments free of charge.



My office is located at 24 O’Hara Avenue in Parkdale. The location is easily accessible by TTC with a streetcar stop at Queen and O’Hara. There is street parking for bikes and cars. My office is on the 2nd floor and can only be accessed by stairs.

If you are interested in booking an appointment I encourage you to reach out, briefly explaining why you are seeking therapy. This gives me a sense of what you are looking for. I understand reaching out for the first time can be a difficult thing to do. Please know I will greet you with warmth and support.

To contact me send an email to or fill out your information here. All correspondence is kept confidential.

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